What Should We Expect In 2018?



      What Should We Expect In 2018?



Will 2018  be a happier, healthier, more peace then 2017? Will children, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters be safer this year?  Will live be better? Will basic necessities be more plentiful and cost less this year? Can we “Somali landers “expect Good Government and Recognition and a better life? Will 2018 be a Somaliland year?


What does it take, after all to make a better year? We all can hope for it.  But hope alone can’t make the land a better place.  We can ponder carefully worded statements and proposals.  But pondering and proposing don’t bring about improvement or change.  We can argue and we can debate.  But what does argument or debate change?  No one man or women has what it takes to personally change our own personal live too simplistic.


It does sound rather more simple than it is.  The sad fact is that most Somaliland simple lack either the commitment to adhere to a moral standard in their lives, or they have not any idea what standard really is the right one.


The Somaliland people make clear that there are only two ways of life.  One way is Allah’s or God’s way, the other way is not.   This God’s way can be characterized as the way of given or the way of love.  It is the way that is concerned for the well-being and good of others.  It is the way is committed to honesty, to truth, to justice, to fair play, equal opportunity.


The other way can be characterized as the way of get.  It is the way that is concerned for the self at the expense of others.  It is the way that is committed to personal gain and gratification, to greed, to selfishness, to satisfying every personal desire and running over anyone who gets in the way.  It is also the way that is the cause for all the injustice, dishonesty, cruelty, suffering, misery and exploitation that has been the sad history of Somaliland. 


Will 2018 be a better year?  Until humanity in general comes to the point where it will turn from this way of get and being to obey God “Allah”.  We can expect conditions to grow no better.


How about you?   Which way will you choose?  Give or the way of got  The answer will determine 2018…..and beyond….will be better for us “ Somalilanders”.

God “ Allah” promises to stand by, to help, and to protect and deliver those who obey him…..those who take him and his law seriously.        WITHOUT SOMALILAND WHAT IS LIFE WORTH. 










Ku Xayeysiiso