Russia interest in Somaliland: A Win-win Situation

Somalilanders are an over-exuberant delight at the news widely circulated in local and international media that resurgent Russian superpower is reconnecting its old friends, including Somaliland. Berbera town which was once a military base for Russian (Soviet Union) had hugely benefited the Russian generosity. The myriad projects Russian carried out in the country, Berbera Port and airport were of beneficiaries. The airport has the longest runway in the Africa content and the port had seen huge development. The Russian assistance did not only permeate infrastructure but also in public services. Health service distinctively benefited Russian generosity, the hospital known as Russian hospital in Berbers is today reminiscent in the minds and hearts of Somalis for the excellent service it once provided them.

The impending Reconnection of Russia to Somaliland is translated to coincide at the time it needed a wealthy and powerful friend to help buoy economy and strength government institutions. Russia could be a response to cash stripped Somaliland economy and it might provide billions of dollars in kind and in loans. To this end, the Injection of Russian cash should stimulate the economy. It would lead to economic growth and creating employment opportunities. unemployment among working-age is documented to be 70% to 80% should be expected to be reduced to its lowest ever. 

Russian in return will secure a lucrative contract from Somaliland in its untapped natural resources, including gas, oil, fishing, and minerals and among many others. Most importantly, It secures a strategic location in the Red Sea which elevates Russian to be reckoned a serious supper power as Berbera base hands the keys to policing the world’s busiest maritime route. 

Ahmed Abdi Isse

Social Scientist


Ku Xayeysiiso