President Abiy : Somaliland is the largest hard currency source to Ethiopia

According to statistical trade data of Ethiopian export commodities, Somaliland is the top country of Ethiopians ten export country destinations. In 2018, Ethiopia earned the largest hard currency from its export trade with Somaliland — it earned from Somaliland almost one billion dollars. In realisation of the significance of this trade, the Ethiopian business communities have been pressuring the Ethiopian administration into prioritising its relation with Somaliland in prime minister’s regional integration drive.

The Ormo region was said to have inundated requests to the Ethiopian prime minster that region economy hugely benefits from its trade with Somaliland. Oromo region claimed that millions of livelihood is dependent on the trade with Somaliland. 

The prime minister of Ethiopia has reassured the Ethiopian business communities and as well as the Oromo region that his administration would do everything to enhance and maintain the relationship between the two countries. In response to the concerns directed at him, the prime minister has appeared to be fast-tracking a closer relationship with Somaliland. Today the Somaliland president flew into Addis Ababa following a request from Ethiopian prime minister to meet him.

Nevertheless, the meeting is expected to bring the two brethren nations into a closer relationship in areas of the trade and defence.

Ahmed Abdi Isse


Ku Xayeysiiso