The Most Accredited Human Right Defender in Somaliland

Why Guled Ahmed Jama stepdown the chairperson of Human right center? Apart from organizational term frame, I think is either to change of our cultural path that led to surge power in the office or to give space wrongdoers to breath. The first move shows a positive outcome of transferring power of instrument to new fresh mind. But, if the second scenario outcome is true. It gives chance to proceed the exploitation of vulnerable & marginalized people who need for support.

Before, I go through above scenarios. Let me go back to Guled, he is founder of HRC. So, what HRC stands for? It stands for the protection and promotion of human rights in Somaliland by documenting and advocating on human rights. An also creating and fostering a culture of voluntary human rights activism where committed human rights defenders with passion contribute to the protection, promotion and realization of human rights.

Having said that, in the scenario of leaving the position for the sake of encouraging & energizing the staff Humn Right Center is sign of maintaining, sustaining and shows some kind of ownership to all people that HRC served. Although, the Human Right Center have a guided by principles but the founders, donors and recipients have interest to see internal system of democracy that belongs to all.

However, during his tenure the HRC survived from assimilating the culture of personal interest, fake reporting and misuse of power that other civil society are in today. His charismatic leadership give HRC to accelerate its activities and to publish a detailed & comprehensive report on the status journalism freedom and many other hot debates on social issues.

On the second scenario, people arguing the reason he left from position is to lower down his critics on human right abuse against government and shift to political analyzer. More likely to join the Centre of Political Analysist which a prominent organization who run to debate present hard talks of the country.

In point of view, Guled is the only one representing those are in need for justice. I remember, a high profile & long running case between Jamal Cali Hussein over claiming party’s presidency candidate and were Faysal rejected his claim. This resulted, Jamal to submitted a case against the chairman claiming that he is the official candidate of the party as stated in the agreement reached by UCID leaders on 12 July 2012, six months before the local government election took place, in which both Mr. Jamal and Mr. Faysal were signatories. The verdict ended on the side of Faysal were Guleid was a lawyer.

As far I know, Guled has faced a number of challenges from the government and he has been victim of illegal arrest even without issuing warrant paper and he has been in bars behind more than what constitution grant to hold on. Not only for arrest but he also subjected to revoked his license to practice as lawyer. Again, the organizations (Human Right Center) that Mr. Guled administer were enforced to abstain/withdrew back a public petition requested by the president to reform police system after arrested one of the HRC member.

In conclusion, He is a man of principle guided by humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence who is accountable a fair justice. Martin Luther King Jr said “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity”. Guled has that character of humanity and leadership.

Regards Adam Ahmed


Ku Xayeysiiso