SOMALILAND: Muse Bihi Is Good Paradigm of a True Patriot with a Real Political Experience.

SOMALILAND: Muse Bihi Is Good Paradigm of a True Patriot with a Real Political Experience.
In a world where changes are taking place in a rapid and unexpected pace, Somalilanders need someone who unites them under one vision from the east to west with real patriotism and visionary leadership. Patriotism and visionary leadership cannot be simply claimed overnight, but it should be earned over a time period, overcoming hurdles, solving obstacles with perseverance and patience.
Among the three Somaliland 2017 presidential candidates, only Kulmiye candidate Muse Bihi Abdi has the above mentioned traits, whom has shown exemplary leadership during the course of history he was in politics, which is a considerable period, spanning over 35 plus years.
Regional and international leaders who has made change and shown exemplary leadership in their respective communities had the same leadership characteristics of Muse Bihi Abdi. Late Prime Minister, Melas Zenawi of Ethiopia and President of Rwanda Paul kagama were guerrilla fighters like Muse, who liberated their countries and then lifted out from abject poverty millions of their citizens.
One of the main reasons they have succeeded to make change in their respective countries is the mere fact that they have led the change and the reform initiative from the top to the regions and districts.
In Africa it is had to make changes, economic development and reform institutions unless you do it from the top, in the same ways Paul kageme and late Melaz Zenawi did.
Mere rethoric, wishful thinking and poor leadership from the top will not take Somaliland, where those two leaders took their countries with exemplary and stronger leadership qualities. Those former guerilla leaders transformed their countries from an object of internationally pity into powerful actors that has commended increasingly global attention.
The case of Waddani presidential candidate Abdurrahman Irro, his leadership style will take us anywhere, but we will go back to confusion and leadership crisis, where decision making becomes very difficult, let alone any changes and reforms to take place. He is not a man who can make real changes and real economic development, because he was the chairman of Somaliland House of Representatives for the last 13 years with no impact. In a region where fragility is high, he is not a man you can count on. As Waddani party is currently ruled by four of his close cousins, if he goes to the presidency, that four cousins will rule him and the country as well.

By:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed


Ku Xayeysiiso