World Vision Somaliland Internal Corruption Scandals

The internal administration of world vision severely corrupted, and have committed multiple counts of corruption, hoax, fraud, theft; scam that is encircled with world vision aid delivery across the Somaliland runs deeper and involving by long staying employees officers as previously reported by Somaliland media. Yet not taken disciplinary act from Nairobi head quarter.

Corrupt sub-contracting and procurement fraud is undermining vital relief for desperate Somaliland. The move followed an ongoing investigation by transparent watchdog found a network of commercial vendors, world vision long standing employees and others who colluded “to engage in bid-rigging and multiple bribery and kickback schemes related to contracts to deliver humanitarian aid in Somaliland.”

The human resource department, People and culture (P&C) were hapitualized in a different ways of corrupting issue and their majors are as flows.

Evidence and information gathering some of the world vision new recruited employee the first three month their 65 % percent of their contract salaries were given that is the against the legal contract salaries . we have tracked their accounts salary history.  This fraud, scams, corruption nepotism thefts is mastermind by World Vision P& C coordinator in Hargeisa. Without a reasonable doubt.,This event occurs since 2012-2013 ,so far.

There is huge corruption and withdrawal money, a difference transaction balances, the world vision Hargeisa office reports to Nairobi and actual Takaful Health insurance reports. According further investigation we made.

Takaful health insurance each account period posts cash to world vision account related the terminated world vision employees, these money withdrawals with admin and finance officer and P&C coordinator. Without a reasonable doubt these needs the world vision auditor to contact directly Takaful financial transactions sent back to world vision. Huge mistakes will be discovered then.

While world vision administration and finance would not comment on specific cases, transparent International interviews revealed that several major regions corrupted operations, including Burao, Hargeisa, Borame . The corruption is massive and lack proper accountability and (over sight) audit from Nairobi Office.

The supply chain involved particularly Spare parts and stationery as well as fuels, and rental vehicles , Takaful health insurances are in circled huge corruption mis matched the market value prices. Employees are big players of corruption and bribery due to their long staying present in world vision. Employees’ officers’ income more than doubled, due to corruption leverage exercises and malpractice. The world vision dignity and reputation damaged beyond repair.

Furthermore, it is too far exceptional to be ignored the corruption issues. The scale of the fraud reported so far would affect only a small fraction of the hundreds of dollars involved.

However, the world vision annual budget is estimated more than $10 million dollar, and the world vision Buroa regional office was closed. Due to internal officers of the organization were politicized the aid. While Burao region facing devastating draughts. And that extremely needed world vision aid delivery.



A/kariim Awil Dirir






Ku Xayeysiiso