How can we make our city greener and clean? By Abdiqani Salaf

How can we make our city greener and clean? By Abdiqani Salaf
Creating a sustainable, green city needs commitment, cooperation and hard work of every individual. With growing economy and climate changes, the need for preserving the environment is more than ever before.
A sustainable and green city is characterized by a happy and healthy community, a green economy, small infrastructure and are low-carbon, bio-diverse, resource and resilient-efficient.
There are innumerable lucrative ways that one can follow to attain a sustainable city. Green or sustainable architecture aims in minimizing the negative effects of buildings and architecture on the environment via enhancing efficiency as well as moderating the utilization of space, energy and materials.
The world indeed should make a shift for becoming more sustainable. A city acts as an engine of growth, thus whatever takes place in the globe is likely to happen in the city especially consumption of the material resources.
As a major part of the populace is dwelling in cities, nature provides a potent remedy to myriad of the emotional, economic and environmental challenges presented by the urban living.
There are no plants in the city of Hargeisa. only houses are built. so we have to decorate the city with many plants across the streets and every where in the future.
All praise be to allah Sw.
Abdiqani Salaf.


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