Somalia signs technical assistance agreement with UPU

(Bern, Switzerland – April 12, 2019) Somalia’s Ministry for Post, Telecom and Technology (MPTT) has signed a technical assistance agreement with Universal Postal Union (UPU) at UPU Headquarters in Bern, Switzerland.

The agreement signed by H. E. Abdi Ashur Hassan and UPU Director General, H. E. Bishar A. Hussein, will facilitate UPU missions to Somalia that will help determine priority needs, develop policy framework for the service, organize training programs and provide basic solutions needed to carry out postal operations.

Speaking at signing ceremony, Ambassador Hussein acknowledged that this project of USD60,000 is just a drop in the ocean considering the reconstruction needs of Somali Post; but this is in line with the technical assistance provided to least developed countries. He, however, welcomed the MPTT’s vision for postal services. “As you are starting from zero, you are in a better position to establish a future post, using postal technology to provide latest postal services,” said Mr. Hussein, adding “UPU is ready to support you in that direction.”

H. E Abdi Ashur Hassan thanked Ambassador Bishar and his team at different departments for the timely response to Somalia’s request. “This project is a positive gesture from UPU, but more importantly we appreciate the warm reception from UPU,” said the minister. “The technical assistance we received from UPU meets our priorities as we build a modern postal service,” concluded the minister.


Ku Xayeysiiso