The Coming Disintegration of Ethiopia And The Rise of The Great Cushitic Federal Republic Ibrahim Mohammed

            The Coming Disintegration of Ethiopia 
And The Rise of The Great Cushitic Federal Republic

For centuries, Ethiopia was known as the lion of Africa but that pride ended when Somalia invaded Ethiopia in 1977 and brought it to its knees as Somalis are the most fierce warriors of Africa, especially in the Horn of Africa.

Since that defeat, the oppressed community of Oromo realized that no human oppressive power is eternal and the gradual peaceful resistance of the Oromo people finally paid off and inflicted defeat to the Ethiopian centuries-old rule of Semitic Amhara and Tigray. 

The Amhara and Tigray who share ethnicity with Arabs and Asians, but speaking Cushitic Language, ruled Ethiopia for centuries committing all kinds of atrocities and human rights abuses against the Cushitic communities, the descendants of Ham in Africa, mainly Oromo, Somalis, Afar and others. They were also solely responsible for the centuries-old hostilities and hatred between Somalia and Ethiopia for having failed attempts to get access to the sea.

Now, Oromo people seized the power of Ethiopia to rule it in their turn. But Amhara and Tigray may never accept a government led by Oromo and is likely that civil war may be on the horizon incited by Amhara and Tigray. Amhara and Tigray will never give up trying to topple Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiye Ahmed, to restore their centuries-old oppressive power as they don’t believe in democratic change and social equality in Ethiopia. Likewise, Oromo, which is the biggest community in Ethiopia will never accept the return of oppressive regimes of Amhara and Tigray. 

This deep political ethnic hostility in Ethiopia may lead to the total disintegration of Ethiopia as we know it today and the emergence of new small independent republics such as Amharic Republic State,Tigrayan Republic State, Oromia Republic State, Somali Republic State, Afar Republic Sate etc.  It is possible that Tigray and Eritrea may share federalism, Amhara may have federal state with other Ethiopian minority communities while Oromo and Afar may share federalism with Somalis and Afar for being all cushites.

Then, it could happen, in the future, that a great Federal State of Cushitic peoples is born in the Horn of Africa from the integration of Oromia State, Somali State (in Ethiopia) Afar Sate, Somaliland Republic, Somali Republic and Djibouti State with Addis Ababa as their national capital. The rise of Great Federal Republic of the Horn of Africa is possible with high probability. A bold political prediction.

Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
February 28, 2019.


Ku Xayeysiiso