The president need to listen. By Kaptanka

The president need to listen.

By Kaptanka.


         To listen effectively, leaders and managers need to put aside their own perspective, and listen attentively to the point of view of others. Listening is one of the most valuable leadership skills. You want to always listen, be able to be inclusive in that change– not to dictate a change, and make people participate in that change. And therefore, be able to hear both perspectives on that change. It is often people within the institutions who will have ideas about the challenges we face. Listening to them can help identify different solutions.

The leader who listens is one step down the road in engaging the members of their organisation. On the other hand, leaders who do not listen, can quickly find themselves surrounded by people who are alienated, de-motivated, or disengaged. So how can we listen more effectively? Good listening is not just about hearing what is said, but being perceptive to what is left unsaid. There is also a fundamental difference between listening with an agenda, and listening without an agenda. You can’t listen effectively if you’ve already decided what you want to do, and are simply looking for sponsors that validate your belief.

“All praise be to Allah.”

Abdiqani Ibrahin Salaf (Kaptanka).


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