The current government of Somaliland follows an effective International Policy Approach

The current government of Somaliland follows an effective International Policy Approach.

The recent DP World investment in Port of Berbera can be labelled as the biggest single direct foreign investment in Somaliland since its withdrawal from 1960 voluntary Union with Somalia-Italiana. Certainly, this investment will have so many positive impacts and benefits for Somaliland. These benefits may include: an increasing revenue income for the state over the years, overall economic growth, employment opportunities, knowhow and technological transfer, stability, future foreign investments and in the end recognition!

Despite the great diplomatic and security challenges lie ahead for the Somaliland government, I am fully convinced that President Muse Bihi’s government is steadfastly determined to remain actively involved in all major diplomatic, economic and development fronts without compromising upon the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the Republic of Somaliland. The current government believes fully in exploring of all options -socio-economic and diplomatic advancement- to achieve its goals which best meets the needs and challenges facing the people of Somaliland today.

H.E. President Muse Bihi Abdi is committed to fulfil his constitutional responsibilities as well as electoral promises towards Somaliland citizens in one hand. On the other, President MBA has developed a strong and positive relationship with the public and mainstream society; offering everybody a shared nationhood, a sense of belonging and equal social justice, regardless of their political colour or affiliation.

In a short period, President Muse Bihi has lifted Somaliland’s case in a new level. It is also noteworthy the President’s performance and the way in which he presented and put forward Somaliland’s case, in both style and substance. However, the victory has so many rivals, so it is to be expected that the successes and positive results achieved by the President Muse Bihi’s government will not be appreciated by everyone in our society.

Nevertheless, the leader who tries to succeed must expect to be criticized, but the public admires the leader who has enough confidence in himself to take a chance. After all, these chances are the main things that count.

Finding New Friends and Strategic Partners!!
The Horn of Africa Region, strategically point of view, it is an important location and the gateway for the many countries establishing their own military bases in the Horn of Africa. USA, European, Arab countries and Turkey are stepping up to establish their own bases in the region where they try to exert their political ideology and strategic interest in the region. An emerging new world-power is China being the latecomer in doing so!

Given the geographically strategic position of Somaliland, its geo- economic-political significance, long coastline, maritime infrastructure and deep sea ports, Somaliland must develop a far-sighted policy approach to promote our strategic location. For that reason, the current government owe to do its best to position our country not only as one of East Africa’s major trade and investment hub, but also the key role in which Somaliland can play in the region’s stability and development future.

In light with the current unbalanced world attention on the failed federal government of Somalia, Somalilanders have to defend their independence and sovereignty amidst a climate of unpredictable geo-political shift. Undoubtedly the Republic of Somaliland will increasingly become under pressure from different key actors (at regional or international level) whose sole aim is to push and safeguard their own interest. Therefore, President Muse Bihi’s government should re-think about ways of practical alternatives to respond and take a proactive stance in this ever shifting geo-political dynamics. In short, Somaliland needs to find new friends and strategic partners.

To my fellow Somaliland citizens, I would like to say the following: Our country is surrounded by geographically hostile and hate-breeding environment. Therefore, at a time of rising hostility and animosity towards the existence of our nation and country, we have to defend our country’s independence and sovereignty with word, deed and strength. We also need to strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring our citizens together. Each and every one of us needs to stress and promote our nationhood, unity, tolerance and social cohesion among Somaliland people.

ALLAH bless and protect the people and country of Somaliland,

Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr)

Former-Presidential Spokesman,

Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland


Ku Xayeysiiso