Election Fever Hits In Somaliland As Presidential Election Comes Closer















 By Omar Mohamed Jama


As Somaliland’s Presidential election is on the way, the Election Fever is spreading faster across the Country as well as it is noticed from Social Media.

The Fever is already doubled throughout the Nation.

This Election is hugely significant, not only for the Country, but also for the democracy that the country had been praised by the international Community.


Elections play the most important role in shaping the destiny of the people and how

            their  future will look like.


  Somaliland held municipal elections as well as parliamentary elections


 Presidential elections  were held in 2003 and 2010, the most recent of which involved

           a peaceful transfer of power between political parties.

All the international monitors  declared peaceful and fair elections which has given

 Somaliland a great credit and praises.


Though, it didn’t give what it deserve (Recognition) but it has given the best record in    Africa.


The key questions is, can these three political parties take lessons from previous elections

that all ended peaceful and fair elections?  If it becomes

Peaceful Transition of Political Power Transfer, it would double Somaliland’s earned Praises.


Every losing Political Party should accept the final result which will be announced by the Election Commission.


Division don’t make a Nation

As Citizen people can disagree respectfully with dignity without becoming disagreeable and destructive.

There will always be Political differences and disagreements. We all play a part in that. It is a common thing that we can have disagreements, this is what we call diversity and that is good, but diversity does not have to mean division that creates destruction.

That can happen if we deny what we call diversity.

Division do not make a nation, one Voice and one Target is the Vision of Somaliland People.

Division for this young Nation is totally unacceptable at moment and forever.

This Young Nation of Somaliland must be protected by its Citizens.

It is every citizen’s responsibility and interest to take a great role for the protection of the National unity.

Unity and togetherness is the Survival of this Young Nation as well as the key to Success.

Protecting Somaliland is the best interest of the whole Nation.

Self-interest and division just brings only total destruction.

It is time to unite for the sake of the common interest of this nation which has lots of challenges a head.

Time to honour the existence of the Nation, respect those who are honest to build, develop this Nation and believe that Somaliland belongs to all who live in it.

Let’s heal the divisions of the present and the past, and establish a Society based on democratic Values, Social Justice and fundamental Citizen’s rights.

Healing the Cancers of Tribalism is another Crucial Matter and it is the most Chronic and Crippling Disease which needs total eradication.

Let’s establish undivided Somaliland forever.

Unity and togetherness will give  the nation Tranquillity and beautiful Somaliland.

Together the nation is strong, divided the nation is  weak


Omar  Mohamed  Jama

Serial Article Writer





Ku Xayeysiiso