The Great European Tour Of The Waddani Party Delegates (Rasheed Ali Meigag Samater).

The Great European Tour Of The Waddani Party Delegates

(Rasheed Ali Meigag Samater).

The highly acclaimed and successful tour of the Waddani leaders that took over a month and headed by the Presidential Candidate and the speaker of Somaliland Legislative Council Honourable AbdiRahman Abdillahi Cirro M.P was concluded last night at the Unity Centre of Harlesden In North-West London – with a new set of Office bearers and the appointment of The Head Of the Party’s UK Committee Mudane Mohamed Ali as well as the Head of The Party’s European Coordination Mudane Abdul Qadir Cukaashe, while most of the former Committee members were promoted to a positions of more responsibilities.

Mudane Cirro was leading a high ranking party officials including Vice-Presidential candidate Mudane Mohamed Ali Abdi, Leader of the Party Honourable Hersi Ali Haji Hassan, The next Successor and Leader of the Party the Great–Honourable Abdulqadir Haji Ismail Jirde M.P, Former Minister of Justice Mudane Aden DholaYare, Party Treasurer – The Elegant Noble Lady Marwo Fadumo Saeed, Member of Leadership – Mudane Adan Suldan Abdi Rahman Sulda Diriye, and Mudane AbdiRahman Xoog M.P.

The delegation started their tour in London were his Excellency Abdi Rahman Cirro was officially invited by Her Majesty’s Government to deliver a speech at Chatham House, followed by a tour to a number of European countries including Germany, Sweden, Austria and Finland.

During this tour, the delegation made achievements in raising international awareness in the prevailing political and drought conditions of Somaliland, while host governments in-turn agreed to respond positively in helping out people of Somaliland during hard times and during the horrific drought situation.

Furthermore, the delegation updated Somaliland diaspora about drought awareness and raised funds from not only supporters of Waddani but other concerned citizens too.

During the tour, the delegation consulted party representatives abroad, reshaped management structures, introduced more improved systems to all European Waddani branches and most of all won the hearts and minds of larger supporters in every country the delegation paid a visit to.

Summing up, the delegation achieved the willingness and more positive attitudes of the International Community in regard to Somaliland situation, and left behind supporters with a better communication and renewed energy as well as multiple well equipped  branches scattered throughout Europe geared all towards the success of Waddani Party leadership in the forth-coming elections in November this year.

Rasheed Ali Meigag Samater

Chairman Somali Community N.London                    


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