Wadani Chairman Abdirahman Irro’s 12 Years Tenure As The Speaker Of House Representatives,Was It A Blessing Or Curse?,Part Two.

In part one,I have plainly expounded that the constitution has given the house of representatives the power to initiate bills in the wider public interest. The house cannot make an excuse that such bills has not being brought by the executive branch of government.According to article 74 of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland any one of the following three can bring bills to the house, 1.The executive branch of the government,2.Five thousand members of the public and 3. The house of representative,which can instigate new bills or draft legislation for the benefit of Somalilanders.
One of the somber issues facing Somaliland is youth unemployment and finding appropriate mechanisms for job creation.Everyone of us knows the job creation potential of Berbera cement factory,but have you ever asked yourself,why we didn’t utilize such a golden opportunity to creat jobs for our youth?. Successive attempts to kick start this sterling project have not succeeded,why?,because one thing was missing,and that is the natural resource utilization act?. Come, Mr. Irro you want to get vote from Somaliland youth,but you failed to initiate the natural resouce utilization bill and bring infront of the parliamenterians either to approve or diapprove,but rather you were busy for your personal political enrichment. Berbera cement factory and related industries such as Ceramics and Paint,can create jobs upto four thousand Somaliand youth. It has also other economic multiplier effect,which can creat economic growth and utlimately result additional jobs for the youth.
The other sector which has the job creation potential is financial services sector,including banking,insurance and realestate. The house led by Honarable Abdirahman Irro,failed to initiate bills related with this sector longe time ago by giving them fast track approval processes,since they could have helped us to mitigate the serious issues of youth unemployment.
The house totally ignored their legislative power to initiate bills,which can facilitate and make easier to kick start mega projets which has huge potential job creation effect. A case in point,the oil exploration operation in the eastern regions of Somaliland led by Genel energy met a stiff resistance from the host community and ultimately suspended their operations,why?, because natural resource laws of the country were not in place,which can clearly pinpoint the rights of the local communities,the rights of the exploring companies,as well as methods of sharing beneficial outcomes of such projects.
Wadani Chairman,who also is the speaker of the house of represantatives is not an outsider but was part of the establishment.He facilitated many things for the executive branch of the government by ignoring the check and balance,expected from him and the house.


Ku Xayeysiiso